Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Peachy

One of the finest aspects of the many hop varieties available to brewers is the myriad fruit flavours and aromas that these little green leaves add to beer. Citrus notes are very pleasant, as are tropical fruit flavours such as mango. Golden Glory from Badger has a 'floral blend of aromatic and bitter hops', but there is no way that these hops alone can account for the fruity smell and flavour. The beer reeks of peaches and melon - surely the result of the addition of some fresh fruit or essence. I have never come across an ale with such a fruity aroma and flavour and find it hard to believe that it stems from hops alone. There is no mention on the label of fruit being added during the brew but the 'unmistakable peach aroma' is acknowledged.

Despite the fruity kick in the face, this beer is quite pleasant. It is sweet but not in the sickly way that Blandford Fly assaulted the palate. The body and bitterness blend well with the sweetness and make this an enjoyable experience. Summer is undoubtedly the time to fully appreciate this beer - it is refreshing, but the pong from the glass really takes some getting over.


Bionic Laura said...

I'm convinced this has to have peach extract or something in it.

Bailey said...

I'm sure it does, and I think they used to 'fess up to it on the label, too. Not a fan myself.

Thom said...

It's a little strange that no mention is made in the ingredients.
I suppose it's not a good thing that the extract, or what ever it may be, was added. The beer is pushed as a straight up ale, when in truth it is more like a fruit beer and in all likelihood would put a great many off the beer if it was marketed it that way.