Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sweet Fire Fly

My last run in with an ale spiced with ginger was a hit and miss affair. The colour was great, as was the dry warmth the ginger added, but it was gassy and thin. Blandford Fly from Badger is an eqully mixed bag, but for different reasons. Once again the colour is alluring, as is the distinct ginger whiff from the rich foam. On the tongue the ginger asserts itself as a none too subtle heat that lingers on the roof of the mouth. The carbonation is just about right, and this, coupled with full body makes for satisfying drinking. Something didn't quite sit right though. The mild bitterness seems to fight against a distinct sweetness that grew more unpalatable with each return to the glass, until, with half the bottle gone, I declared myself sick of it. Where does this sweetness come from? Maple syrup. I hadn't given the label my full attention and did not notice it on the blurb, so was quite surprised when I scrutinised the bottle more carefully. I don't see the need for it. The ginger addition was well balanced adding a nice zing, but the sweetness overpowered my ailing palate. Perhaps the beer would not be the same at all without the maple syrup - it is very likely responsible for the full body I enjoyed. It seems like a strange combo too, making the beer like some manner of dessert. Perhaps a small glass, just after dinner is the way to enjoy this strange ale.


Leigh said...

Funny you should say that. I was having a similiar convo with The Beer Nut a while back at the slightly 'artificial' falvour that most Badger beers seem to have. It's really hard to pinpoint normally, but I see Maple's in this. That would thin it out for sure. Glad i'm not imagining it!!

Ed said...

I don't really like anything from Badgers, they have a distinctive taste that I just don't like.

Thom said...

I'm not a fan of Badger beers either. They just don't deliver in the bottle. Though a recent bottle of First Gold bottle was better than I remembered it to be.

I tried First Gold on cask in London last year and really liked it. Makes me think that I might enjoy their beer if I had it more often as it was intended to be served.