Monday, August 18, 2008


So this is what the brewers at Gulpener are doing when they aren't vigorously buggering wit beers with artificial flavours and sweeteners. Their Chateau Neubourg Pilsner is a solid flavourful foamy lager with the classic slightly DMS nose. There are some hops mixed in and around the standard lager character and the malt isn't lacking either. While it's not on a par with the richer Czech pilsners, it is a perfect match for the better quality Dutch lagers and is eminently refreshing. The label says it's all malt and the rich lingering foam backs this up. It comes served in the same blue bottle as their multi grain wheat beer, Korenwolf, which I find very appealing. There was no hint of the awful skunking that occurs with green bottles, but this could down to the use of sneaky adulterated hop products that do not degrade in the light. I'm long over due a post on the chemistry of skunking, but finding the time to do a properly researched piece is proving difficult at the moment with wedding preparations and other brewing exams to do. Still, at least I find the time to drink good beer.

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