Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Professional disagreements

Oscar, the brewery cat, is going through a rough patch at the moment. The neighbours acquired a new cat who has taken to attacking him at every opportunity. I'll think you'll agree that this is an unfortunate turn of events, but it is compounded by the rather embarrassing fact that the neighbour's cat is half the size of Oscar and called Nancy. That's her to the left. Adorable, I know, but not to be messed with. Oscar and I have recently had some professional disagreements with respect to recipe formulation and a clash of opinions on Ron Pattinson's definition of Kolsch. I'm prepared to stick with the ale category because it just makes it easier for me to explain things to non beer enthusiasts I mingle with, while Oscar had decided that the shear weight of Ron's research points towards lager being the only acceptable definition. Well, what with Oscar being a little tetchy about being beaten up by a girl, named Nancy, he was more aggressive than usual and we came to blows. The result can be seen on the right. I think it's entirely obvious what he had in mind. He planned to murder me and make it look like suicide.

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The Beer Nut said...

Another Kölsch-related attempted murder. Inevitable really.

Just as well Oscar's understanding of human anatomy is quite poor. He'll likely try and push you down the stairs next: everyone knows humans don't land on their feet.