Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One wants more flavour

Foolish notions of pouring the 'perfect pint' were beamed around the world this week thanks to the ever resourceful PR people at Diageo. It is unfortunate that such guff was attached to The Queen's visit but on the whole is was positive to see one of Ireland's traditional industries acknowledged, even if the brewing behind St James's Gate is carried out in a far from traditional way nowadays. The Queen seemed to look aghast at the pint as it was placed in front if her. No doubt the Diageo PR crew were willing with all their heart she might reach out, lift the pint and take a sip. But no. The reason for this may be many; it was a little early in the day, or perhaps she couldn't risk spilling any on her designer outfit. I know the real reason. She was disappointed that she was served a pint of very average ice cold nitrogenated stout when she in fact was hankering for a bottle of Foreign Extra off the shelf. Yes, that's the reason for her abstinence. There is no compare between the nitro pint in the pub and the full bodied, bitter roasted goodness of Guinness Foreign Extra. It seems that Guinness don't just do PR well, they can brew the odd decent beer too.


Ed said...

Disturbingly I'm with the queen here. I must admit I am very fond of FES but I don't think the draught stuff is up to much. Mind you I probably won't turn my nose up at a free pint.

Velky Al said...

I wonder if Phillip was hankering for his usual two pints of Boddingtons at lunch?