Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bringing that Belgian funk from Brooklyn town

This bottle of Local 1 has spent the best part of a year in my beer fridge. Not for any reasons relating to maturation and such, merely a matter of waiting for the right moment. Monday evening last week fitted the bill; it had been a mother of a Monday in the workplace and I had some tasty cheese and cold cuts left over from the weekend. The popping of a cork from a generous bottle of beer such as this is always very satisfying. The hazy golden beer eagerly filled the glass only to retreat rapidly again leaving little foam, but the lively effervescence brought a distinct Belgian funk to the nose along with a malt sweetness that translates into a honey sweetness on the tongue.

I suppose this beer is a take on the Belgian Tripel - the label speaks of raw sugar additions from Mauritius which serve to thin out the body and make the beer very drinkable despite the hefty 9% abv. It works very well in this sense. The '100% bottle refermentation' make this a lively beer and I imagine the cork cage has its work cut out containing the pressure. The carbonation sits nicely, and carved through the heavy cheese and other oily treats I had with it.

As an aside, you might have noticed yet another dark, flash washed out, shadow strewn picture of a beer bottle accompanying this post. It's not ideal, but at the time of drinking I just want to get the beer in the glass and enjoy it. I usually throw down a few notes, but breaking out the camera and taking a picture often ruins the moment for me. Does anyone else who indulges in this beer blogging lark feel the same, or am I just shamefully uncommitted?


Bailey said...

I tend to have everything ready so I can snap a shot really quickly, without spoiling the moment. Sometimes, I'm so excited, I forget, and have to go with one of those boring photos of the cap or bottle. Who wants to see a bottle cap? Seriously?

We thought Local was a really great beer and wished we'd bought a couple more bottles.

The Beer Nut said...

I put absolutely no planning or effort into my beer photography, something which should be quite apparent from the results.

Anonymous said...

I haven't done many beer tastings lately, much less documented them. I find photographing beer well to be a bit overwhelming- especially when I want to just enjoy the beer!

Leigh said...

Yeah, this is a great beer, and you're bang on about the 'sugar additions' making it belgian style.