Monday, September 7, 2009

Proper, Proper Job

I knew when I read the back label on the bottle of St Austell's Proper Job I had tried the beer before. The front label tells us that it is 'powerfully hopped', but in general, unless it's BrewDog telling me that, I tend to ignore it, knowing that my idea of powerfully hopped and the average British brewer's idea are two quite distinct things. A further study of the label makes for very interesting reading; Willamette, Chinook and Cascade are listed as the hops employed and it is at this point that punters might have reason to think they have something quite special on their hands. As it turns out this ale is powerfully hopped in a very satisfying manner. Frankly, for a British bottled ale it is astounding, full of hop flavour and resins all wrapped around a satisfying malt base. I could drink this stuff all day, but at 5.5% abv it would take its toll.

I mentioned that I thought I had crossed paths with this beer before, well, I am certain that it is none other than the Marks and Spencer Cornish IPA I tried in London earlier in the year. In that post I begged M & S to unleash this beer on the Irish market, and I will once again reiterate this plea; Take back the Yorkshire Bitter and give us this wonderful IPA instead!


Anonymous said...

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Bailey said...

Thom -- the Marks and Spencer one is slightly different, but not much. Proper Job is a really, really great bottled beer, and one of me and Boak's favourites. Much more exciting than the cask version, too, with loads more body.

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