Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's all in the marketing

Selling beer is as much about what's in the packaging as what the beer tastes like. We all know that macro producers sell their beer by the oil tanker full despite its less than breathtaking flavour so the notion of sharp marketing isn't that new to us. This can of beer I picked up in my local supermarket tickled me because of its simplicity. All the bases are covered here. On one side we see:

And on the other, for the all important international market we have:

All the bases are covered. I do find it a little shameful that the people at Euro Shopper think that the English speakers in their market won't figure out what is in the can without the word 'Beer' on it. I would have opted for the Continental feel that 'Bier' conjures in the mind of sophisticated types who by cheap lager. It's a positive surely, that continental allure.


The Beer Nut said...

Thing is, I think this stuff is Irish-made and probably only exists on the Irish market. I used to quite like the Dutch-made variety, but I haven't tried the new one, which is weaker.

Adeptus said...

Them's classy labels.

How did it taste by the way?

Thom said...

TBN - I checked the can and it still mentions Holland, whether it's brewed there or not I don't know. I am aware that this beer was your virgin blog post, you know.

Adeptus - It didn't taste too good, as perhaps you can imagine. It was a bit sickly sweet and bland. The ingredients mention maltose, which is just dire. At least the other macro brewers use grain adjuncts.

Dublin beekeeper said...

>this beer was your virgin blog post

That will be a quiz question when the benevolent dictatorship of TBN finally takes over.

That duff beer has a really simple label. What else has?

The Beer Nut said...

Red Stripe.