Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mc Lager

Mac's Gold All Malt Lager of New Zealand isn't quite as generic as the derogatory title of this post suggests, but I couldn't resist the pun and the beer is damn near as harmless as the myriad other lagers that appear out of the Southern hemisphere. I say near to harmless because it does have a reasonably satisfying malt aspect and the bitterness lingers a little longer than I anticipated. But I am drinking it warmer than the tongue numbing temperature that it will be served in its homeland and this might account for some of the flavour. I have no doubt it tastes of nothing at all when served as intended which is a shame because it has something to offer and should be permitted to speak.

It is capped in a manner I haven't come across before that is no doubt very handy on the beach or on the move, but a rethink might be order because this is the first beer I have transported home that opened during the journey. As a result I drank it sooner than anticipated while it was still in a fit state, but this is a major flaw in this cap design and something that should be attended to by the brewers. It doesn't matter how much quality malt or hops you stuff into a beer if the bloody thing is stale by the time to gets to the consumer, which is something this beer runs a real chance of falling foul of.

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