Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Golden Ale

It's Summer time here in Ireland (apparently) so it is only proper that I brew a golden ale to reflect the lazy summer days. In truth, summer hasn't really kicked off in Ireland yet and is unlikely to, save for a few sunny days here and there, so this isn't the real reason I brewed a golden ale. My true motivation is a sustained disgust with so many of the golden ales that have been inflicted upon me over the last year or so. They proved more often than not to lack any body or flavour and were invariably gassy as hell, no doubt in an attempt to offer a refreshing experience. My previous golden ale was a similar protest brew with an American slant. This one has a decidedly English lean to it, except perhaps for the Styrian Goldings, but they strike me as a good hop for a golden ale so I tossed them in.

4.60kg Maris Otter
200g Cara Pils

40g Challenger 7% AA @ 60 minutes
Styrian Goldings 4% AA @ 20, 10 & 0 minutes

Mashed at 66 C

37 IBU anticipated

Saf Ale 04 yeast

SG 12 Plato

I'm running low on barrel beer so the tendency of Saf 04 to drop like a stone after it has done its work will enable me to sup on this beer very soon indeed. I've never used it before, some people have described its flavour character as 'bready' which should prove interesting, or ruin the beer entirely. We'll just have to wait and see.

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Bionic Laura said...

That sounds like a lovely summer brew. Yeah a lot of golden ales are a bit bland, they sound lovely then you drink them and are disappointed.
I used Safale 04 in my last two brews and it worked well. I thought it was pretty clean tasting.